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Powerful Data

From the highest-level professional athletes to weekend warriors and people participating in casual lifestyle exercises, your breath is at the center of it all. Breath is what helps power your engine!

The count, rate and volume of breath are valuable indicators of your fitness level in general, but also provide tangible data into your stress response, your recovery ability and even what type of fuel (carbs/fats) you are burning.

Performance Efficiency

As an athlete everything is about efficiency (energy, stamina and recovery) and there is no better way to measure it than with Calibre.

Continuously having visibility of your VO2 and VCO2 numbers, tracking Oxygen uptake and CO2 production on a CONTINUOUS basis will shine a light on the value and quality of your training helping your achieve your goals smarter and faster.

If you are looking to improve your performance and gain that extra edge, join Team Calibre today and breathe to win!

Still not convinced?

We are truly the first device to democratize the use of the gold standard of metabolic rate measurement “breath/indirect calorimetry”* This science has been utilized and vetted for decades but simply has not been available due to system limitations, size and high cost.

Calibre has eliminated the barriers to access and finally made it possible to measure with ease and accuracy outside of a sports performance laboratory or clinical setting.

Unlock the data in your breath and master your respiratory metrics and metabolism.


Join Calibre today!

And start unlocking the potential in your breath!