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    How It Works

    The Ins and Outs of Calibre

    Breath Calorimetry: What is it?

    Calibre™ is the first wearable of its kind, but the science behind it is well known and established. Breath measurement is considered by medical experts as one of the most accurate ways to understand your body but has been widely unknown to the public.

    Breath calorimetry, a.k.a. indirect calorimetry, measures gas exchange (oxygen intake and carbon dioxide output), which is then analyzed to determine the amount of energy and type of nutrient fuel used at any given time.

    Long story short: your breath says a lot.

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    About us image

    So Why Calibre™?

    While breath calorimetry has been relied upon for decades, there was no easily accessible device for ordinary people to use in order to tap into this biometric gold mine. Historically, this type of data could only be found in high-end sports labs and hospitals, where subjects would be tethered to tubes and heavy equipment. The entire process would be expensive and inconvenient, only available to competitive athletes or special patients.

    Enter Calibre™: the first wearable fitness  and metabolic tracker using real-time breath calorimetry.

    Measuring 50 times per second, Calibre™ reads and captures oxygen intake, carbon dioxide production, respiratory flow & volume, and more. Taking these measurements and complicated formulas, the Calibre™ app is then able to help determine a multitude of metrics like the calorie burn rate, %carb vs. %fat burned, and even detect ketosis or anaerobic status.

    Calibre™ is designed to be used anywhere, anytime, and by anyone.

    Join the new wave of fitness and reserve your Calibre today!


    Still Not Convinced?

    We have mastered the science and performed countless tests to ensure that you get the most reliable results possible. Calibre’s system is compared against state of the art medical-grade sensors and has proved a remarkable 99.5% repeatability in our lab testing.

     If you want to learn more about breath calorimetry and its relation to metabolism, you can check out any of the numerous studies and professional reviews available online. You can also ask us at info@calibrebio.com for any additional information!