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    Frequently Asked Questions

    General Product Questions

    It is imperative to use the specific charging cable that we have provided along with a standard (non-accelerated) charging block and to connect the charger directly into a wall socket, avoiding accessories such as laptops or external charging devices. This is essential for optimal charging, ensuring the longevity and proper maintenance of the battery. **Please be aware that third-party cables may not charge the device correctly and could potentially lead to damage or battery degradation.

    Because the data and the measurement were considered out of reach for consumers - the equipment required was cumbersome, expensive, and required medical professionals to operate. Until now, that is.

    Calibre has multiple sensors inside. One of them measures the flow of your breath, 50 times per second, to ensure accurate real-time readings. Other sensors independently measure oxygen concentration, CO2 concentration, barometric pressure, humidity and temperature. All of these are important for obtaining an accurate analysis of the metabolic content of your breath.

    The methodology known as "indirect calorimetry" has been a long established and scientifically validated way for medical and academic use to capture this type of biometric data. Calibre uses state of the art sensor and design technology that lowers the price point and simplifies the ability to capture the data in a smaller more scalable footprint.

    No, you cannot use one Calibre with multiple people. The first-generation Calibre is designed for individual use. While you can clean and disinfect the facepiece and straps, we have not conducted any studies to test the infection risk of the module, therefore we cannot claim Calibre to be suitable and safe for users to share one device with multiple people.

    Calibre is the first device that democratizes access to respiratory and metabolic data. By utilizing a radical new design for managing air flow, incorporating top of the line medical-grade sensors, and corresponding computational methods, Calibre has created a portable, light-weight, and cost-effective way to capture this data individually or at scale.

    There are biometrics that many of the other devices in the wearable space capture that we are not designed to have access to, such as heart rate and heart rate variability. We look forward to incorporating relevant data that will provide beneficial data correlations to our users.

    Calibre is engineered for optimal performance in indoor or controlled settings. Outdoor environments introduce factors that are more challenging to control, which could potentially interfere with some of the measurements. That being said, it is completely safe to use outdoors, but please keep this in mind.

    Any kind of strong direct air flow – from a fan, outdoor wind, or fast motion (e.g. a bicycle) – can distort the otherwise accurate flow sensing mechanism. We are aware of this issue and are actively working on design solutions, which we aim to implement in the relatively near future. Until then, we recommend avoiding direct fans and other sources of wind during your sessions. Air conditioning, however, should not pose any issues.

    Yes, you can definitely use Calibre if you're a nose breather. It works equally well whether you're a mouth, nose, or mixed mouth and nose breather. The nose area depression on the facepiece is designed with a large enough opening so that air can easily flow through your nostrils into the facepiece. Just be sure you're not sticking your entire nose inside the opening like a scuba or snorkeling mask, let the facepiece rest gently under the nose.

    Calibre is designed to minimize any restriction of airflow for maximum breathing comfort and usability during exercise and normal day to day activities. Most users agree there is virtually no detectable restriction of breath. In the design itself you can see the pass-through holes that were created to facilitate this capability.

    Calibre is not designed or sold as a protective mask, nor is it designed or sold to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Its primary purpose is the measurement of real time respiratory and metabolic biometrics. That being said, if you have experienced COVID or are recovering from COVID, using Calibre may provide insight into the changes that occur in your respiratory biometrics such as respiratory rate and breath volume.

    At the moment, we only offer one size ("medium") for the facepiece, and we recognize that it will not fit everyone equally well. We plan to introduce additional sizes in the future, but those are not yet available.

    The combined weight of the facepiece & module is under 2 ounces and it is slightly over 4" wide.

    No, Calibre does not require any sensor replacements.

    No, there are no consumables that require regular replacement.

    No, the device will not require regular servicing. However, the hardware does come with a 1 year warranty, and if it requires reasonable repair or replacement within that time frame, we will gladly assist.

    Getting Started

    Please refer to the user manual for all set-up information.

    Bluetooth (BLE)

    Yes, we highly suggest it. We designed Calibre to make calibration easy; based on a patent-pending method relying on ambient (room) air – there is no need for separately supplied calibration gas. All you need to do is make sure it is on a stable surface and away from any exhaled breath while calibration is taking place. The app will prompt you to calibrate automatically, or you can choose to do it manually within your app’s device settings.

    The battery life of the device can vary depending on usage patterns. Typically, when the device is placed in sleep mode during periods of inactivity, the battery can last anywhere from one to three days.

    To optimize the battery life of the device, you should always put the device in "sleep mode" when not in use. To do this: press and hold the button for 3 seconds until the light gradually fades away, then release the button. Your device is now in sleep mode.

    Red: The red LED light usually indicates low battery. You should fully charge your device.

    Flashing Yellow: The flashing yellow LED light means that Calibre is undergoing calibration. For proper calibration it should be placed on a stable surface and left undisturbed until calibration is complete and yellow light stops flashing.

    Flashing White: The flashing white LED light means your Calibre is ready to connect to the phone app and has not yet made the connection.

    Oscillating White: The slowly oscillating white LED light indicates your Calibre is charging.

    Solid White: The solid white LED light indicates your Calibre is fully charged.

    Do not wash, rinse, or submerge the module as this could damage the internal electronic components and would void the warranty. You may choose to wash the facepiece as frequently as desired as long as the module is removed. Soap and detergent is okay to use, just rinse it well after and let it dry before putting the module back into the facepiece.

    With the module removed, the rest of the device is water-proof and washable. You could use a dishwasher or laundry machine, but at this stage we do not recommend drying at excessively high temperatures as this may damage the material.

    We provide each user with a few silicone plugs to reduce the risk of moisture reaching the internal electronics. It is mandatory for every user to insert the silicone plug into the charging port prior to using your Calibre. Before charging and/or after use, please wipe any excess moisture from the outside of the module and make sure the module has been allowed to dry.

    Calibre Data

    Calibre continuously measures air flow, breath rate (50 times per second), oxygen and CO2 levels, temperature, and pressure, essential for accurate metabolic analysis. All these quantities allow us to calculate an extensive list of metrics, such as real-time values of calorie burn, VO2, VCO2, minute volume, and more. When these measurements are performed over a period of time we can further calculate useful cumulative, average, and max/min values, such as average breath rate, peak and average VO2 achieved.

    The calories you burn result from oxygen combining with nutrient fuels in your body - sugar and fats - while producing CO2. By measuring both the oxygen absorbed and the CO2 released by your body, we can determine in real time how much energy is utilized.

    Calibre provides a real-time measurement of your VO2. To measure your VO2 max using Calibre, you would essentially need to perform a procedure on your own by getting on a treadmill or stationary bike, gradually increase your effort, and charting the progression of your VO2 with the Calibre app. In fact, at the end of any session, Calibre will provide your Peak VO2, which is the highest VO2 measured during that session. If you push yourself hard enough, your peak VO2 should be fairly close to your "true" max, but the telltale sign is the plateauing VO2 while the speed and effort continue to increase. The only difference is that Calibre does not control or record your effort, let alone guide you through a pre-programmed sequence of increasing effort to reveal your VO2 Max. There's no reason you could not get high quality peak VO2 values with Calibre, but it's up to you (or a training companion) to implement or supervise a progressive effort that will safely push you to your limit.

    At the moment, we do not offer a data export feature; however, we are actively working on what we consider the holy grail with wearable technology: a permission-based visibility dashboard, allowing a coach/researcher the right to extend invites to their clients/population sets to pull their data. As of today, this feature is not live but will be in the coming months.

    Return, Exchange, & Shipping Policy

    If you received a product that is damaged or faulty, you may exchange it for a new one within 30 days.

    Calibre currently ships to the following places:

    United States (US)
    Australia (AU)
    Austria (AT)
    Belgium (BE)
    Bulgaria (BG)
    Canada (CA)
    Colombia (CO)
    Croatia (HR)
    Cyprus (CY)
    Czechia (CZ)
    Denmark (DK)
    Estonia (EE)
    Finland (FI)
    France (FR)
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    Gibraltar (GI)
    Greece (GR)
    Hungary (HU)
    Iceland (IS)
    Ireland (IE)
    Italy (IT)
    Latvia (LV)
    Lithuania (LT)
    Luxembourg (LU)
    Monaco (MC)
    Netherlands (NL)
    New Zealand (NZ)
    Norway (NO)
    Poland (PL)
    Portugal (PT)
    Romania (RO)
    San Marino (SM)

    Singapore (SG)
    Slovakia (SK)
    Slovenia (SI)
    South Africa (ZA)
    Spain (ES)
    Svalbard & Jan Mayen (SJ)
    Sweden (SE)
    Switzerland (CH)
    Turkey (TR)
    United Kingdom (GB)

    The shipping rate will vary based on your zip code and country. Calibre does not cover VAT, customs, or import taxes. When you make your purchase, we are unable to calculate your local VAT, customs, or import taxes, so please ensure that you perform your own due diligence in paying these charges upon receiving your package.