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Calibre™ : Unlock the data in your breath!

Calibre™ : Unlock the data in your breath!
Calibre™ : Unlock the data in your breath!
Calibre™ : Unlock the data in your breath!
Calibre™ : Unlock the data in your breath!
Calibre™ : Unlock the data in your breath!

Calibre™ : Unlock the data in your breath!


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Calibre™ empower you to take charge of your metabolism!  By tracking real-time breath-based data, you will have access to the most precise and informative metrics previously unavailable prior to Calibre™.

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See What Customers Are Saying

“As a medical professional who performs respiratory testing and breath calorimetry in a hospital - as well as an exercise enthusiast - I am absolutely thrilled with Calibre. I think this is one of the most exciting innovations in personal wearables we have seen in years…” 

— Karla S. (Beta Tester) Senior
  Clinical Exercise Physiologist

“It is awesome to have this sort of data. Clients ask me all the time how many calories I think they burn, and I can’t give them a concrete answer. Measuring caloric burn rate through breath like Calibre, that is the most accurate way to know.”

— Mike G. (Beta Tester) Owner and Head Coach Fit4 Personal Training

"I have been devoted to exercise, nutrition and metabolic wellness a for many years, and I can say that Calibre is hands down the most accurate and insightful metabolic tracker  to hit the market. It gives you real-time markers that, as far as I know, no other wearable can measure. And it's so lightweight and breathable, you could almost forget you're wearing it."

— Sam P. (Beta Tester)
Software Developer

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14+ Hrs
Battery Life

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Easy To Wear
& Clean

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Technical Specifications

Face piece: 4” X 3”
Module: 2.5” X 1”
Face piece: 27 g
Module: 20 g
Low voltage rechargeable LiPo Battery
Air flow measurement
50 readings per second
Exhaled air analysis
1 readout per second
(1) Calibre™ face piece
(1) Calibre sensing module
(1) Set of adjustable straps
(1) Charging cable (USB C) Instruction manual
Connectivity & security
Bluetooth (BLE); Once paired, will only connect to that same phone unless provided manual reset
App compatibility
iOS, Android (Calibre App only
Flash Memory
32 MB
Sensor calibration
(1) Automatic daily upon start
(2) Additional manual calibration when prompted
Ambient air analysis
1 readout per minute
All skin-contacting materials are water-proof and hypoallergenic
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14+ Hrs Rechargeable Battery

Calibre™ can be used intermittently or for extended periods. The long battery life allows you to track your metabolics and breath throughout the entire day.

Easy To Wash & Clean

Simply pop out the sensing module, and then rinse the facepiece under warm water. The module can be separately wiped down using a damp cloth or sanitary napkin.

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