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The world's first wearable to Unlock the data in your breath!


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It’s All In Your Breath

Calibre™ is the first of its kind, but the science behind it is well known and established. Previously, breath measurement has only been used by professionals, but now with Calibre™, you can track real-time metabolics and respiration anywhere and anytime.

More Than 30 Trackable Metrics

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14+ Hrs
Battery Life

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Easy To Wear
& Clean

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Unmatched Accuracy & Data

Calibre™ delivers the most precise and informative metrics for your fitness right to your phone, gathering data that was previously only available in labs or hospitals.

Measure, Compare, Improve

Calibre™ compares each workout to previous sessions and breaks down the differences in performance, identifying ideal conditions for optimal results.

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Effortless Breathing and Comfort

The adjustable straps and hypoallergenic silicone allows Calibre™ to gently but securely rest below your nose. There are no restrictions in breathing or talking no matter what activity being performed.

Works Anywhere, Anytime

Ultralight and compact, Calibre™ is optimally designed for reliability and comfort, accurately tracking real-time for any exercise.

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A Fitness Tracker Like Never Before

Breath measurement is one of the most accurate yet underutilized ways to understand your unique body. Tracking real-time breath flow & composition, Calibre™ provides established & proven technology with medical-grade precision right in the palm of your hand.

Calorie Tracking

Calorimetry & Metabolic Reports & Charts


Live Tracking of calories, breath, and dozens of biometrics (customize your display)

Respiratory & Fitness

Detailed Respiratory Analysis

Lab-Tested Technology

Breath Calorimetry has been studied for decades, but we also tested the technology ourselves. Learn more about the science behind Calibre™.

A New Level of Precision

Join the new wave of fitness and reserve your Calibre today!

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