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    Calibre offers you lab-tested technology
    Calibre does breath calorimetry with medical-grade accuracy
    Calibre mask allows you to breathe effortlessly
    Calibre will last more than 14 hours on one charge
    Calibre mask fits your face comfortably as it's ultra lightweight
    Calibre offers you lab-tested technology
    Calibre does breath calorimetry with medical-grade accuracy
    Calibre mask allows you to breathe effortlessly
    Calibre will last more than 14 hours on one charge
    Calibre mask fits your face comfortably as it's ultra lightweight

    Access the data in your breath!

    Calibre™ provides real-time tracking of metabolic and respiratory metrics anywhere and anytime. Previously available using high-cost equipment in professional laboratory environments. Calibre™ has changed the game with an all new level of access, scale and economy.

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    A personal performance lab for any athlete! Calibre's Respiratory and Metabolic metrics will help you learn how your breath and fueling strategy can affect and improve every aspect of your game.

    From the highest-level professional athletes to weekend warriors and people participating in casual lifestyle exercises, your breath is at the center of it all. Gathering breath related data to date has been isolated in laboratory environments, and the equipment in those labs is very expensive and typically requires professional training to operate.

    Calibre is bringing the lab to you with the world’s first wearable to unlock the data in your breath. Using our cutting edge Calibre device and an intuitive app, you will have access to valuable biometric data that will empower your training.

    Here is a list of some of the incredible data you will have access to:

    • Breath Count
    • Breath Rate
    • Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER)
    • Peak VO2 & VO2 average
    • Peak VCO2 & VCO2 average
    • Total Breath Volume
    • Breath Volume Average
    • Minute Volume
    • O2 Uptake
    • CO2 Production
    • Exhaled O2
    • Exhaled CO2

    Using the app you will be able to view this data “live” as well as record categorized training sessions for future playback and review. We even break out the data into time-stamped session graphs providing the ability to dial in on specific moments during your training as well as an overall view to identify trends.

    We are literally changing the biometric game with Calibre, but we are also just scratching the surface. Join us in our quest for improved performance, insightful correlations and the ability to perform at our highest levels regardless of where you are on your personal journey.

    The most accurate calorie tracking method available combined with ground-breaking metabolic visibility.

    Breath calorimetry, the science behind Calibre is well known and established and it is considered by medical experts as one of the most accurate ways to measure your metabolism, but has been widely unknown and more importantly unavailable to the general public.

    To date, the equipment and processes used to gather and measure respiratory gasses for breath calorimetry readings have been inaccessible, expensive and required an expert or clinician to implement.

    Through years of thoughtful research and design, Calibre has created the first way for anyone to access this incredible data anywhere and anytime!

    Calibre uses “breath calorimetry", aka indirect calorimetry in the following way:

    Simply put, Calibre measures respiratory gas exchange which is then analyzed to determine the amount of energy and type of nutrient fuel utilized by the body at any given time.

    Specifically, measuring 50 times per second, Calibre gathers and captures oxygen intake, carbon dioxide production, respiratory flow & volume (plus more). With these measurements along with scientifically known and proprietary calculations Calibre and its partner app showcase and track a multitude of metrics. Here is a list of what is currently measured:

    • Calories burned
    • Average calories burned
    • Fat burn calories
    • Fat burn percentage
    • Carb burn calories
    • Carb burn percentage
    • Dynamic carb/fat tracking

    We have taken the time to master the science, utilized the most accurate methods and sensors available and are ready to help you take the guesswork out of calorie tracking and fuel utilization empowering you to reach your goals.

    Live tracking of key biometrics; your respiratory exchange ratio (RER), VO2, VCO2, respiratory rate, breath volume, breath count and more....

    Metabolism is the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. During this complex process with literally thousands of variables, calories from food and beverages are combined with oxygen to release the energy your body needs to function.

    Each person has a unique and dynamic metabolism that changes day to day and over time as we age. Tracking your metabolic patterns provides insight into how your diet and daily habits affect how you feel and perform.

    To monitor this metabolic activity second to second you must have access to molecular respiratory data and Calibre is the first device to deliver this in a convenient, functional and accurate way.

    The science is not new here. Calibre uses indirect/breath calorimetry which has been known as the Gold Standard according to organizations like the ADA (American Dietetic Association), ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) and even the WHO (World Health Organization), to name a few.

    Before Calibre, it was simply cost and platform prohibitive to access this insightful data.

    Through innovative design, intelligent development and a masterful understanding of the science Calibre has now made it possible for everyone to accurately track their metabolism anywhere anytime!

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