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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Humans - like all animals - get all their energy by combining nutrients with oxygen and releasing CO2. A complete account of our energy metabolism is hidden in our breath, every minute of every day. This has been known and studied by medical professionals for over a century and is used in professional sports laboratories around the world.

    Calibre is the first wearable and affordable respiratory/metabolic tracker available to the public, but it uses a method known as "indirect calorimetry" that has been long established and depended on by mainstream medical science. This is professional grade, real time tracking on a whole new level.  

    Starting with your true, real-time calorie burn and breath volume, but also separately determining fat and carb usage (by the minute with biochemical precision), VO2, anaerobic crossover, ketosis, hyperventilation (exhaled CO2), and more. 

    Remarkably, no. You do not need to input your body weight to get an accurate calorie burn rate. Your breath tells it all! By measuring the amount of oxygen you consume and CO2 you produce, Calibre can accurately tell you how many calories you burn at any given time in any activity.

    Carbs and fats are very different in terms of the ratio of CO2 producedvs the amount of oxygen consumed. By measuring both respiratory quantities, we can tell (in real time) how much of each type of fuel is being burned.

    Some of the sensors measure the flow of your breath, 50 times per second, to ensure accurate real time readings. Other sensors independently measure oxygen content, CO2 content, water content and temperature of your breath, both the inhaled as well as the exhaled breath. Again, this is not new - just newly available!

    Because the data and the measurement were considered out of reach for consumers - the equipment required was cumbersome, expensive, and required medical professionals to operate. Until now, that is.

    The Respiratory Exchange Ratio, or RER, is a measure of CO2 production relative to oxygen intake. It is routinely measured in metabolic laboratories and is the medical benchmark for quantifying fat burn vs carb burn. 

    Yes, Calibre can help you detect and track your ketosis state. Although, you need to be careful in interpreting breath data. A low RER generally indicates a higher likelihood that your metabolism is relying on fat as fuel, but other factors play in as well, including stress and exercise. Calibre provides a real-time Keto Gauge™ which is a composite metric derived from all your breath measurements that are associated with the onset of ketosis.

    At the moment, we only offer one size ("medium") for the facepiece, and we recognize that it will not fit everyone equally well. We plan to introduce additional sizes in the future, but those are not yet available.

    At least 14 hours continual use between charging. A charging cable is provided, but any standard USB-C cable should work.

    The combined weight of the facepiece & module is under 2 ounces and it is slightly over 4" wide.

    The Calibre app is where you see and store your data. It works with both Android and iOS (iPhone) systems.

    Bluetooth (BLE)

    The app is the primary display for all the data from the device, including a real time "dashboard" as well as cumulative data related to a stretch of time (a recorded "session"), e.g. total calories burned, average breathing rate, peak oxygen use, etc.

    The app is downloaded to the phone from the app store and once loaded, provides all instructions.

    The device has just one button (on the front) for all required operations. Instructions are provided with the device and with the app.

    The module needs to be removed before cleaning. The face piece is washed as frequently as desired under warm or cold running water. Soap/detergent is OK, just rinse well after using soap.

    With the module removed, the rest of the device is waterproof and washable - by hand or machine. At this stage we do not recommend drying at excessively high temperatures.

    It is safe for anybody, but it is not intended for children and we do not have special sizes for young children.

    The Calibre device is not fragile, but we recommend avoiding exposure to high temperatures and extreme mechanical shock. 

    We do not recommend sharing the same face piece among users, for hygienic reasons, unless you wash it first.

    If you received a product that is damaged or faulty, you may exchange it for a new one within 30 days.