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    About Us

    Calibre Biometrics was founded with the goal of making respiratory data available to the masses. We believe meaningful, accurate, and reliable data should be utilized to improve everyday health and performance. By tapping into this wealth of information, we are working to change the world one breath at a time. 

    Dr. Udi Meirav, PhD
    Founder & CEO

    Calibre is the brainchild of Udi Meirav, a prolific inventor and seasoned startup CEO. Starting his career as a PhD Physicist from MIT, his companies have brought numerous innovative technical products to market. Among his past endeavors was creating and delivering air cleaning systems that reduced the amount of energy required for air conditioning in buildings, many of which are now installed and running in buildings around the world. During his travels in Asia, the use of breathing masks caught his attention and led him – as an expert in sensors and air flow with an entrepreneur’s mindset – to study the biometric potential of wearable breath sensors, which evolved into a revolutionary metabolic tracker now called Calibre.